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*How our job postings work!

1 How our job postings work! Please Open & Read this!, *USA · *Open & Read this Posting!
*How our job postings work! Thank you for visiting HIRE-IQ.net. Please read this entire post it will provide some valuable insight.

If the job title contains "*" OR "!"  (these are searchable using the search menu above) these positions are a priority for us and we are actively seeking candidates to present to our client(s). 

If job title contains "!" we have posted the same position several times for different cities - ALL CANDIDATES WILL BE MOVED TO THIS REQUISITION! Please save us some time and apply to the job title that contains ! - Thank you in advance.

Positions that DON'T contain "*" OR "!" in their job title and the location is "National, USA" are positions we regularly fill but are not a priority for us at this time.  Applying for these positions gets you in our database and once we are actively working are these roles, we will be in touch and have more details.

We do not publicly post all of our positions. Our Priorities change weekly! Register or Apply so we can get in touch with you.

We NEVER present a candidate to any client without 1st speaking/communicating with you and confirming you are interested in the role/company. HIRE-IQ does not change or alter your resume and vary rarely do we alter your application - only after we have discussed the change(s) with you.

(For those that are not familiar with working with recruiters, recruiters get paid by their clients not their candidates occasionally there are exceptions to this. HIRE-IQ does offer career coaching and we do charge candidates for this service. If you feel you need some career coaching please let us know. We assist candidates with their resumes/LinkedIn profile, interviewing, career search and connecting you with some of our peers.)

Thank you for either registering on our website or applying to one or more of our positions.

Please understand that we are typically working on 20-50 positions at any time and are unable to speak with every candidate.

We typically reach out to candidates initially either by text (484-258-3499 this number doesn't take calls) or email. If you get a text or email from us asking you to do something please do it or let us know what's going on ASAP.

We keep all of our public posted positions active until the position is filled and/or our candidate's start date has occurred.




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